Not Your Average Spoon Rest

Placed next to the stove or the coffee machine, Valhalla white ceramic spoon rest is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Cook Without the Mess

If you’re cooking, you need a spoon rest. Valhalla spoon rest protects cooktops and countertops from saucy utensils as you whip up delicious food in the kitchen. The sleek and minimalist spoon rest curves slightly to cradle spoons and keep your counter grease-free.

Modern & Versatile

Holds pretty much any sized spoons, brushes, ladles, spatulas, whisks or other cooking utensils.

Easy to Clean

Smooth surface makes easy cleaning with a hand scrub or in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Durable & High Quality

No cracking, crazing and rippling. Buy once and never have to replace them.

Spoons need a place to rest.

We like our countertop spots-free and sparkling clean. We’re sure you do too.




Understated? Yes. Useful? Always.

Only $ 11.95

Grace and protect your countertops with Valhalla

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